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as a community service, i host a radio and tv program called "folk law for ordinary folk," it's a very tough one in the sense that workers at some point are essentially giving up higher salary and higher pay in exchange for those pension benefits. so to come back later on and essentially cut that out from under them, the question is one of fairness and of equity. that being said, as far as police and firefighters, obviously those are public safety areas and it's a little bit different in the sense that we definitely need to protect those pensions in a different manner than we do others. as far as other ways to save, i would certainly look at capping pensions moving forward, so that they don't increase incrementally over time. i think we need to put a cap on that now before it starts to burgeon and get out of control. >> thank you. >> miss olague. >> i believe i was one of the individuals who answered no. i don't think we should balance the budget on the back of the workforce, and there was prop c. prop b was the adachi measure and proper c was a lot of pension reform where the unions and the
flyers and asking ministers to mention the film in their sermons. (narrator) "laws of gravity," directed by nick gomez illustrates how many filmmakers faced with low budgets turn a lack of money into a creative challenge. the films i want to make are films that speak honestly about people who live in this country. (nick gomez) maybe with a point of view, maybe even a little bite. we worked out of our apartments about a year-and-a-half ago, and it's a hassle working out of your apartment. there's no separation between work and life. so we decided to create a place for those without money. (larry meistrich) the shooting gallery is a home for independent filmmaking within two floors here, about 10,000 square feet of anything you could think of having to do with making films. you could shoot here for a couple hundred dollars a day, cast and have a somewhat more professional atmosphere than casting out of your apartment. and at the same time, not spending a lot of money and keeping that money for the production you're working on. you've just got to get up and get the film stock, and borrow a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2